Nintendo Direct: Smash Bros and Tomodachi Life
Nintendo Direct: Smash Bros and Tomodachi Life - weknowgamers

Nintendo has been busy bees lately releasing not one but two Direct’s in the last couple of days, the first was all about the new Smash Bros game for Wii U and 3DS, the second was a surprise Direct about a new 3DS title called Tomodachi Life.

Smash Bros
There was a massive amount of information in the latest Nintendo Direct regarding the next Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U, I won’t even try to list everything that came out of it, but we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

Firstly, both games will have the exact same roster of characters which seems to be getting larger by the minute, what with the regular announcements of new fighters coming from Nintendo on a frequent basis. As well as new fighters there are some fairly substantial changes to a few existing characters. Fighters such as Zelda and Samus, who would change into their alternate versions mid battle, now no longer have those functions, Sheik and Zero Suit Samus are now separate characters all together so you can focus on learning one moveset for a fighter rather than having to juggle two different playstyles. On the other side of this, some of the Pokemon themed fighters such as Lucario and newly announced Charizard both have their mega evolution forms from Pokemon X and Y when they do their respective smash attacks. These won’t affect how the character handles; it just temporarily powers them up. Greninja, the water starter from Pokemon X and Y has also been revealed to be in the game as well.
Ken Sugimori’s smashing artwork
With the lack of story mode, a lot of focus is being put on the multiplayer side, with local and online modes both being available. Online game types consist of a friends only mode and then two separate modes for playing with strangers, these two gametypes are called For Fun and For Glory. For Fun is random stage selections with items with only your wins being recorded, whereas For Glory is more like tradition ranked matches with Final Destination being a fixed level, no items and both your wins and losses are recorded. If you’re worried about leaderboards though, there won’t be a number 1 player. Leaderboards are being tracked in a reverse manner with you having a higher number the better you are, showing you how many people you’re towering over. On a side note about the fixed level in For Glory mode, most of the stages in the game will have a Final Destination mode in them; this basically removes all the platforms and unique aspects from the stage so you’re playing on a completely flat level.

A massive amount of items and assist characters were also shown off, as well as new stages. Stages will differ depending on which system you play the game on, with the Wii U version having stages from home console themed levels and the 3DS stages being themed off of handheld games. One example here is the Wii U version of the Zelda stage is Skyloft from Skyward Sword whereas the 3DS version borrows from Sprit Tracks.
Got a train to catch!
The 3DS version has had a unique game type put in it called Smash Run, in this mode, you have 5 minutes to dash around a large environment defeating random enemies who drop stickers, collecting these stickers will power up your character’s different attributes. Once the time limit is up, you go into a 4 player battle using your enhanced fighter and then duke it out to find a true victor!

The most important thing here seems to be the release dates! It was announced that the 3DS version will be coming out sometime during the summer and the Wii U version coming a few months later in the winter period. The full video is just below, give it a watch yourself, it’s around 40 minutes long, but there’s a lot of extra information in the Direct itself as well as a slew of easter eggs!

The full character roster for Smash Bros on both 3DS and WiiU can be found over at

Tomodachi Life
After watching this, all I can be certain on is I want RIGHT NOW, no… I NEED this game! It looks sort of like a Mii centric version of Animal Crossing on crack, with you controlling your Mii and giving it a personality as well as a voice for the first time ever.

Players can create a home for your Mii to live in, do activities and mingle with other Mii’s you either have on your 3DS or that you happen to Streetpass. I don’t think I can really explain any more as this just looks insane; think I’m making all of this up? Watch the video below and see for yourself!

See! What did I tell you? I especially liked the dance routine at the end, hopefully all the love for Samus might mean a new Metroid game, oh god please let there be a new Metroid game!

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Child of Light - Yoshitaka Amano Artwork Trailer
Child of Light - Yoshitaka Amano Artwork Trailer - weknowgamers

Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano is a world-renowned artist known for his talent as a character designer and Illustrator! The Child of Light team teamed up with Mr Amano to create a unique piece of artwork for the game which comes bundled with the Deluxe Edition.

See the trailer below!
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review - weknowgamers

There’s been a lot of talk about Ground Zeroes over the last few months, from the controversial content present all the way to the length of the game itself. So is it truly just a glorified demo, or an actual game in its own right?

Ground Zeroes take place in 1975, just a short while after the end of Peace Walker. You play as Big Boss who has been sent to infiltrate Camp Omega to either extract Chico and Paz or confirm that they’re already dead. Meanwhile Mother Base (Big Boss’ private military HQ) is under inspection from the UN in order to show that MSF is a non-nuclear private military. While the story section is fairly short, I’m enjoying getting back into Big Boss’ narrative. It also focuses on some mature topics which mean it can be a bit graphic in nature. There is also collectable cassette tapes scattered around the base which give even further backstory should you choose to find them.

As well as the main mission, there are also a number of side missions that you can take on once you’ve beaten the main op, these missions include destroying anti air emplacements, eliminating two high level soldiers, meeting up with an undercover agent and a special mission that is different depending on which system you get the game on. I played the Xbox One version so I had the Jamais Vu mission which has you play as Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence and you are tasked with eliminating Body Snatchers. If you play the Sony version, you get the Deja Vu mission which recreates parts of Shadow Moses from the first Metal Gear Solid game from the PS1 era in Camp Omega.

Geez, what happened to you?
The gameplay in Ground Zeroes is vastly different from previous Metal Gear titles, now that we’ve switched to a full open world there’s no travelling through small areas that lead into one another like in the older games. Upon starting the game, you’re immediately told that you should use your binoculars to scout out the area, using these you can also mark targets which appear to you all times, even through walls! Sometimes you’ll find yourself walking around and you’ll be spotted by a guard, but when this happens, the gameplay slows down to give you more time to react, so you can swing the camera round to see where the danger is and react accordingly.

A lot of the old functionality from older games are gone, there’s no longer a codec, infinite weapons in your backpack, long cutscenes, cardboard boxes, hundreds of gadgets, loading screens etc, but while this may or may not sound like a bad thing, it really does help to streamline the gameplay and with the new control scheme, it plays a lot better than older games in the series. You can only carry two main weapons and a single side arm now which may sound limiting, but it really gets you to play the game as it’s intended to be… pure stealth.

Let’s go for a ride
Big Boss now moves a lot more stealthily with the ability to crouch walk to stay hidden in shadows and stay undetected, but when it’s required you can also sprint around, a first in the Metal Gear series. As well as all of Big Boss’ on foot actions, you can also jump into vehicles and drive around. While the base in the game isn’t that huge, it’s big enough to warrant grabbing a jeep or a tank and going for a joy ride if you’re get tired of tip-toeing. You can also call in a helicopter to extract prisoners or unconscious soldiers at certain points on the map, this is part of your main objective in the main ops as the Fulton Recovery system from Peace Walker isn’t available in Ground Zeroes.

Enemies also seem to be smarter than previous games, acting as a unit to try to take you down if you get spotted, flanking you if you stick in one place too long or calling in reinforcements when required and will fully scout an area out in the pursuit of Big Boss, if he does manage to vanish. Saying that though, they are quite easy to outrun and they do have a tendency to forget they’re looking for you if you hide inside an armoury.

Graphics and Sound
While the Phantom Pain has already been stated to have a full day/night cycle as well as dynamic weather conditions, Ground Zeroes has different conditions depending on the mission you take on, this serves more as a sample as to what you will encounter in the Phantom Pain. Playing at night has a different feel to when you play in daylight, while you can’t really hide in shadows, they certainly help to sit in, reducing the risk of being spotted.

As for sounds, the majority are crisp and clear, and the signature alert sound is still present. With the codec gone there’s no longer lengthy periods of you having to listen to dialogue all while looking at a couple of photos. Now you can have Kaz Miller talk directly to you via an earpiece which has context appropriate conversation tied to it meaning if you’re looking directly at a guard and press the radio button, Kaz will tell you about the guards, point your binoculars at a supply room and he’ll give you information on that. It really helps to keep the game flowing rather than having to stop for a few minutes every time you want to find out about something.

Sneakin’ makes me feel good!
One other thing is cassette tapes, they can be found scattered around the base and will offer backstory as well as some musical selections. These musical tapes can be set to your helicopter extraction music, so when your chopper swoops into action, you can have it turn up to Ride of the Valkyries or the intro music to Metal Gear Rising or the Ground Zeroes theme. Depending on your system of choice you can even import your own music into the game to have it turn up to anything really!

One final mention regarding the sound aspect of Ground Zeroes is having Kiefer Sutherland doing the voice of Big Boss which for me personally sounded really odd. As a fan of the older games having David Hayter’s voice replaced is jarring at first but eventually you get used to it. To be fair Kiefer only has a few lines anyways so you barely hear his voice at all. I’m hoping that Solid Snake will be in the Phantom Pain at some point and hopefully David Hayter will make a comeback because his voice is part of what makes Snake such an enduring character.

Final Verdict
While it’s true it may be a short running experience, it will definitely last you a lot longer than the 10 minutes some speed runners will have you believe. Metal Gear Solid is one of the finest crafted game series I’ve played and Ground Zeroes is no exception, and I for one can’t wait for the Phantom Pain, I’m just hoping that the larger map of Phantom Pain is not like a lot of other open world games where it’s just a vast area of nothing to separate sporadically placed areas of interest. I highly recommend that you try it out for yourself.

Story = 9.5/10
Gameplay = 9/10
Graphics = 10/10

Final We Know Gamers Score 9.5 out of 10

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Sean’s Game Night: Peace Walker
Sean's Game Night: Peace Walker

Hey there fellow gamers, something a little different here from the usual articles and reviews we’ve been bringing you lately, recently I made a video with a couple friends playing Peace Walker in preparation for Ground Zeroes which is now widely available.

Rather than do a let’s play through the entire game, we carefully selected 2 different missions, one sneaking and the other was one of the more unique missions in the game, a Monster Hunting mission, but I’ve said too much! Just hit the video below to watch the whole thing.

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MGS V: Ground Zeroes at Bafta Inside Gaming
MGS V: Ground Zeroes at Bafta Inside Gaming - weknowgamers

The Bafta Gaming awards were held this week at the Tobacco Docks in Wapping, but before all the evening festivities, there was the Inside Gaming festival. Held in the very same halls the ceremonies would later take place in, a handful of yet to be released games were available to play by the public for the very first time, one of these games was Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes.

Cyborgs and Snakes and Gold Faces oh my!
While there was a bunch of titles on offer, I spent the majority of my time around the Ground Zeroes booth, mainly due to me being in cosplay as Big Boss. As well as myself, there was a pretty big group of cosplayers as well as a lot of the Metal Gear Solid community members who went dressed as themselves. After we’d been there a while and all had a go on the game, series creator Hideo Kojima turned up for a visit! Unfortunately because he was going to the award ceremony he wasn’t there long, but long enough for most people to get to say hello and take selfies with the legend himself. We were later told he was very impressed with all the fancy outfits people were rocking.
Everyone say Snaaake!
Onto the game itself, while I only got a short time with it, I was very impressed with what I saw. We were playing on PlayStation 4 so obviously the graphics were pretty darn great! The controls feel good once you get used to the button layout, it’s changed a bit since older MGS titles to make it more user friendly.

Metal Gear has traditionally been about slowly stealthing your way through a level, the best players never even get spotted let alone set off an alert, but now you can sprint around, jump into a jeep and race about or get into a huge turret and blow people up if you’d rather play that way. The open world aspect really has changed everything about it, every single person I watched play (and I watched quite a few) all played the game completely different to how I did on my run through. I tried to sneak in but was spotted by a soldier in a guard tower, after trying to run away and hide, I realised the guards would actively follow the traces that I left behind, and with no cardboard box to hide in, they ended up finding me. That’s where my time ran out, I’m thoroughly looking forward to playing the full game which is due to be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on March 21st. Look out for our review of the game in the coming weeks.
Check out those seats!
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The photo’s featured were taken by Ace Ashun officially for Konami. For more photos from the event, the full Flickr album can be found here.
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Review
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Review - weknowgamers

Assassin’s Creed has had a bit of a bumpy journey since its original release way back in 2007, the initial game was fairly well received, the sequel and it’s spin offs even more so and then took a hit with the rather disappointing Assassin’s Creed 3. So where does Black Flag fit in with all of this?

If you finished Assassin’s Creed 3 you’ll already know what I’m about to tell you, if you haven’t, well…spoiler warning, Desmond dies at the end. If you feel like playing AC4, this gets dropped on you near the beginning anyways so you’d find out either way. Moving on, the game is set in 2 different timelines, the past and the present. In the current timeline you play as yourself, you are the latest person to be employed at Abstergo Entertainment, a company that is making the Assassin’s Creed games, and in order for them to make their titles better, you are plugged into the Animus to walk in the footsteps of generations past lives. If this all sounds weird, think of it like the Matrix, if you haven’t seen the Matrix…what’s wrong with you? Go do that!

Badass pose!
So once you’re plugged into the system, you get to control Edward Kenway, he’s the father and Grandfather of the two playable characters in Assassin’s Creed 3. Edward is a suave profiteer sailing the oceans of the Mediterranean Seas, who finds an assassin who’s about to turn over to the Templars, runs him through and steals his clothes and all his equipment. You then hop aboard a ship and start sailing your way wherever you fancy in a huge open world with a vast ocean and plenty of islands to explore.

Black Flag is now the 6th game to hit the consoles and while not much has changed gameplay wise, when it plays as well as it does, why would you try to break that? You play from a third person perspective and switch between sneaking your way around guards, performing complicated acrobatics to avoid them or shoving various pointy metal objects through them. The stealth elements are kind of lacking here though, you’re either walking around or you’re crouched down in a bush or hiding in the iconic series favourite, the trusty bundle of hay. Most of the larger islands have towers to climb which once you get to the top; you unlock part of the map for the area you’re in. These also unlock fast travel points so you can get around the huge over world a lot quicker than if you walked everywhere. Also on land are a variety of things to gather such as sea shanties, animal skins, fragments and treasure chest loot crates. There’s also a variety of side missions that you can take on, most of them are assassination quests, but sometimes its missions to free slaves or recruit new crew members.

Nautral born Tarzan indeed!
Until you unlock some fast travel points around the numerous locations in the Caribbean, the vast majority of your free time will be spent roaming the oceans in the Jackdaw, Edward’s trusty pirate ship, and again if you’ve played AC3 you should already know how it’s going to feel. For the uninitiated, the ship handles very well, depending on your speed, the faster you’re moving the wider your turning circle. Wind speed and direction, as well as waves also affect how quickly you can get from island to island. There’s also ship to ship combat, as you progress through the game you can gather materials and funds to improve your ship so you can take on larger vessels, once you damage an opponent enough you can either choose to sink it or try boarding it for a greater reward.

Multiplayer consists of 2 main game types, Wolfpack and versus. Versus game types have been present in the series since AC2 Brotherhood and nothing has really changed much with the different modes on offer, but with Black Flag you now have Game Lab, this is used to handcraft your game play experience any way you like. You can change practically every aspect of how you go about finding targets or setting specific weapons you must use or just go right back to basics and only use the hidden blade. In my experience playing in other people’s games, it’s just not as fun as the standard multiplayer because you have to learn a whole set of new rules with someone who’s invented the game type and you often come out worse off for it.

Wolfpack mode is my choice of multiplayer, playing with up to 3 friends or random people; you have to chase down targets to assassinate as well as some random objective waves thrown in to mix things up. This game type is more fun with friends as it’s easier to coordinate simultaneous assassinations, whereas playing with random people can and often does end up with everyone sprinting about trying to get all the kills. The only issue with this is later waves are unlocked via a scoring system, and being stealthy earns you a vastly higher score than if you’re careless.

Graphics/ Sound
I originally played Black Flag on the 360, it was only when I got an Xbox One that I could really compare the two and to be honest, I can’t really see much of a difference between them which is a more a testament to how great the game is on last gen systems, so whatever format you’re getting it on, it’s all good.

As well as the usual clashing of swords and old timey flintlock pistols, the sound in the game is of a high standard. One of the nicer touches is the sea shanties; as you sail around your crew entertain themselves with a hearty song or two. If you connect with smartglass, you can even get the words up on your second screen and sing along!

Final Verdict
Sailing around a massive ocean littered with islands to fully explore is just as stupidly fun as it sounds, throw in the brilliant ship to ship combat and you’ve got a dream of a pirate sim on your hands. Unfortunately I was a tad disappointed with the lack of assassin-ing you actually get to do and the stealth elements still have a lot to be desired, you’re either perfectly blended crouching in a bush or your standing up for everyone to see, and most skirmishes always end up with you being forced to murder a huge amount people just so you can go back to your business, as trying to run away to escape invariably fails.

Story = 7/10
Gameplay = 9/10
Graphics/ Sound = 8.5/10

Final We Know Gamers Score= 8.2/ 10

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Preview: Infamous: Second Son Hands On
Preview: Infamous: Second Son Hands On - weknowgamers

A few days ago I went to a secret location in the heart of London for hands on demo with upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son, the follow up to the superhero spectacular Infamous 1 and 2. With a new hero and a heap of new powers to get to grips with, how is the third game in the series holding up?

If you’re one of the 6 million odd people to have bought a PlayStation 4 in the last couple months, then Infamous: Second Son is probably already in the top ranks of your next gen buy list and believe me, the game is everything I’d hoped it would be. Second Son takes place in Seattle and you play as new protagonist Delsin Rowe, known as a Conduit (a super powered human) who can either save the city or choose to ruin everyone else’s life and destroy it. At pivotal moments in the story, you’re given choices that you can make that will help you in whichever path you decide to walk. These decisions will change the game around you by making the people around you react differently to your presence; if you’re a good guy citizens will praise you, but be savage and they’ll cower or run in fear. You also meet other Conduit’s who can either help you with the fight against the controlling Governments, or corrupt them to force them to do evil with you.

Can’t wait to swoop down from heights like this!
It’s not just the big decisions that will shift the games dynamic, everything you do in the world can swing your moral compass between ultimate good or evil. After the events of Infamous 1 and 2, a nationwide security force known as the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) has been put in place to control Conduits who all have been labelled as bioterrorists. When coming up against DUP forces, you can either choose to take them out in a tactile disabling manor by restraining them, or by shooting them in the face with lightning and putting them down for good. As for the regular inhabitants of the city, you can choose to help or hinder them as much as you want or just leave them to do as they please.

See the whole event which was live streamed below! 

Being a superhuman you’re not limited to just walking around on the ground, while you can’t fly, you can run up walls and jump very high and then glide around, slowing your descent. The different ways you can traverse the city all blend fluidly and with the fidelity of the controls, you never feel restricted in what you can do. Also during the demo I got to sample 2 different powers, neon and smoke. To select between different abilities you use the touch pad on the controller, while near a source of your power of choice, you absorb that particular energy. With each different power, you gain access to certain special abilities such as throwing electrical charges like grenades, or using the smoke ability you can turn into smoke itself and fly up through air vents to gain access to rooftops.

Although I only had a short while with demo, I’ve got to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, the visuals are stunning and all the special effects of the powers really show off what the PlayStation 4 can do. I’m also intrigued at what other powers will be in the full game, guess we’ll find out in just over a week!

Looking forward to the release of Infamous: Second Son? What about it makes it a must buy for PlayStation 4 owners? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on:
Win Artwork from DmC

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Preview: Team Based Co-Op To One Man Destruction In Evolve
Preview: Team Based Co-Op To One Man Destruction In Evolve - weknowgamers

Like to team up with your friends to take down a Goliath that can sneak around, become really strong and essentially take your whole team out before you even get close to it? Well that’s exactly what I did as recently I was given the opportunity to preview 2K’s upcoming title, Evolve and experience both the Co-Op play and taking on the role of the monster.

So let’s take a look at the courageous A-team that will be taking on this task. There are four classes you can choose from, each with their own unique weapons and roles that should be considered when coming up with a strategy. These classes are:

The Trapper – As the name pretty much gives it away, when you’re in this role, you’re job is to track down the Goliath and when found, make sure it doesn’t get away. You have several options to do this such as using sound spikes to alert the team to its movements, the Harpoon gun which restricts its movements, the Mobile Arena which traps the monster in one area and lastly, a sub-machine gun to do some damage… everyone loves a sub-machine gun right?

Your badass team!!
The Medic – From my experience you should treat the person in this role as your king, queen, emperor, and wife; essentially protect them at all costs because they make a huge difference in the war against the monster. So the Medic keeps the team alive and has a few tools at its disposal to do just that. The Medgun directly heals teammates, the Healing Burst heals team mates who are within a certain radius, the Anti-Material Rifle can expose a weakspot on the Goliath which your posse can take advantage of and finally, the Tranquilizer Rifle slows and weakens the beast.

The Assault – This person is at the front of the attack and can deal quite a significant amount of damage. There are several weapons at your disposal such as the Lightning Gun which deals damage at close range, the Assault Rifle which does the same but from a distance, electrically charged Arc Mines which can be planted around the map and has proved to be very useful from a strategic standpoint and lastly a shield that makes you invulnerable to attacks for a short while.

The Support – So this role is for someone who can do it all as it mixes in the ability to be both offensive and defensive. The tools you have available to you are the Laser Cutter, the Shield Gun which protects allies for a short while, a Cloaking Device that makes yourself and allies within a certain radius invisible and the Orbital Barrage which lets you deal down a ridiculously powerful air strike.

You better stay the heck out of this thing’s way!
So that’s the team, but what about the Goliath you’ll be taking on? Well it can evolve two times by consuming the wildlife in the area, and in doing so it allows it to gain new abilities, strength and even an upgrade to its health. It can leap great distances and climb up pretty much anything. When the Goliath is doing the hunting, it can also sense what’s happening on about 80% of the map from where it’s standing, including being able to pin point the location of the human team of hunters. The game only ends when one side goes down, so will it be the hunters or the Goliath?

Luckily enough I was able to sample what it was like to play on either side and quite frankly, it’s just as much fun either way. If done properly, the co-op side can become really enjoyable as you strategize with your team mates, watch each other’s back and complete the mission together, however saying this, it’s also super fun to play as the Goliath and just wreak havoc. The Goliath itself is really weak at the beginning of the game, but once you get up one level, that’s when the fun really begins and I believe having such strength at your hand and the ability to just cause destruction to the opposing side makes this really role really attractive… although you can still lose if you’re not careful yourself.

I can easily admit that I myself am not too fond of games that depend on you playing nice with other people, however it seems Evolve may soon change that mindset and in a hurry too. Playing with others was an absolute joy and tearing it up with the Goliath was a complete adrenaline rush, but I’m sure there is a lot more to it something that I find 2K talking about more in the coming months. So far Evolve has won me over, and if you get the chance to check out the game, I highly recommend you do.

Like what you see so far from Evolve? Think it can be a game you can really get your teeth into? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on:
What We Know So Far Of Final Fantasy XV

First announced at E3 2006, fans around the globe have been patiently awaiting Square-Enix’s next big entry within the Final Fantasy universe for approximately eight years now.

It got to a point where gamers even questioned whether or not the title would actually release, especially considering how Square focused their resources on Agni’s Philosophy – A Final Fantasy-esque tech demo, rather than catering to the tastes of many fans (myself included) craving more information on what was then titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

I personally didn’t have any doubts that this new title would indeed have an eventual release date, but what I found interesting was the sudden shift in name and numeric title. To go from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV when both titles were supposedly set within the same universe and mythos seemed like a bit of a jump, but when you take time to consider 13’s less than welcoming reception at the loss of a world map in favour of a more linear path, perhaps Square wanted to once again start afresh by releasing a product of the quality we know, love and have come to expect with each and every new title released.

Check out the latest trailer below!

Regardless of what little information we currently have for FFXV, one thing’s for certain and that’s that the game is shaping up to be something very special indeed.

Character design is at its finest, once again with Tetsuya Nomura at its helm and having been built on an advanced version of the Kingdom Hearts engine, gameplay promises to be fast and frantic, focused around more combos and quick time events than that of a turn based strategy, but in keeping true to its original motto, still looks to be realistically sluggish in places, which I feel may give you a greater sense of your own mortality in this fantasy based on reality.

Development first began on PlayStation 3 for FFXV and now that we’ve entered the next generation of console gaming, depending on how far through development the title was before Square decided it would be released on the new consoles will undoubtedly depend on how much needs to be changed in order to release the game as a success. Rumour has it that FFXV is being developed again from the ground up, and if that’s the case, the title will be delayed even further, but with Final Fantasy XIII now coming to a close with Lightning Returns, I believe the upcoming title is next on Nomura’s agenda, with Kingdom Hearts 3 now taking its place on the backburner.

The game’s story revolves around a crystal of power – the last of its kind, and one that is housed within the royal walls of Lucis. War, conflict and tragedy are key elements to the plot, seemingly with nobility and love also playing their part. Notably, Tetsuya Nomura has stated that his inspirations came from that of William Shakespeare’s, promising us that of a darker, grittier and more grounded world, close to that of our own, and is looking to be Nomura’s most realistic vision of a Final Fantasy to date. Personally, I’m expecting something akin to Romeo and Juliet, though I’m sure the final product will be less predictable and more original, upholding trends with the best Final Fantasy has to offer (which for me, were the stories in FF7, Crisis Core, 8, 9, 10 and 12).

What We Know So Far About Final Fantasy XV - weknowgamers

Characters we know of so far:
King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII – King and father to Noctis.
Noctis Lucis Caelum – Lead protagonist, heir to the throne.
Stella Nox Fleuret – Likely love interest of Noctis, possibly the female Knight.
Gladiolus Amicitia – Close friend of Noctis, protects the Royal family.
Ignus Stupeo Scientia – Close friend of Noctis, Strategist for Royal family.
Prompto Argentum – Foreign Fugitive and childhood friend of Noctis.
Cor Leonis – Head of the Lucis Royal Guard, 1 of the 3 strongest fighters in Lucis.
Idola Eldercapt – An enemy to the Caelum family.
Unnamed Umbrella Man – Looks sly and menacing, possibly a rat.

Locations we know of so far:
Lucis – Inspired by Tokyo, this Nation is both home to royalty and advanced weaponry. Home to Prince Noctis and King Regis.
Accordo – The architecturally beautiful water city that’s been shown in trailers. Inspired by Venice.
Tenebrae – Rumoured to be Stella’s home country.
Solheim – If the name’s anything to go by, possibly a German/Norwegian inspired country.
Niflheim – Not quite Nibelheim of FF7 fame, the Garrison State of Niflheim is an opposing Nation within FF15.

Needless to say, when Final Fantasy XV does finally release, the darker themes surrounding it and the political intrigue within has me curious as to what to expect, but with the inclusion of the world map once more, side quests, drivable cars, airships, mechanoid vehicles, Summons and intimidating, armoured knights reminiscent of those found working alongside the Judges of FF12, I’m hopeful that Final Fantasy XV will make up for the disappointing 13th entry in the series, taking Square to the top of their game once more.

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