Gamescom: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Gamescom: Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain - weknowgamers

We recently took a trip to Gamescom, Europe’s biggest gaming expo that takes place once a year in Cologne, Germany. As such, we stopped by Konami’s Press booth to take a look at how the game’s progressing and to catch up with any new footage or features that Konami would be revealing.

As a big fan of Metal Gear Solid myself, The Phantom Pain was a title I wanted to prioritise above most other games on show, so when our team at We Know Gamers caught word of a Metal Gear Solid Gala taking place in a venue not too far from Gamescom itself, we took a train one evening to the venue and grabbed ourselves an invite.

The venue was impressive. It was huge, grandeur and easily accessible. Entry was also free and it wouldn’t have been considered a great event for fans and industry folk alike without free food, drink and cosplay (all of which were accounted for).

As we made our way upstairs, I grabbed myself a coke, collected a paper plate for some Curryvurst (Germany’s most loved food it would seem) and sat myself down with Abdallah and Liban as we waited for the show doors to open. It wasn’t long before we were allowed to enter and once we were sat down, Geoff Keighley (of walked on stage and introduced himself to us as our host and presenter for the night. 

With the lights now dimmed, we were once again shown the desert based gameplay mission shown at E3 earlier this year, only this time our perspective was a little different to that of the footage previously shown. Heading towards a different lookout point, Snake instead made his approach down a long dirt-tracked road, stopping for his horse to release some excrement before galloping off on his merry way once more.

Making his way to the left, our hero dismounted his trusty white steed and approached a considerably weak Goat. It looked reasonably innocent and didn’t seem to be causing too much trouble, but up on the cliff were a pack of wolves out on the prowl. It would seem that they picked up on the horned animals scent and had a hearty sized meal within their sights. Interfering with nature of course, our protagonist unholstered one of his firearms and then shot the Goat in the head. Wait….what?! It’s okay though, it was only a tranq round.

Shooting the poor animal in the head put it to sleep pretty fast and to show off some kind of strange animal rescue feature, Snake made his way over to the goat, still cautious of the Wolves above, and then attached a floating balloon to the animal, watching as it groaned and shot up into the air, no doubt on a journey back to our heroes home - Mother Base.

Backing away from this point and keeping clear of the deadly (and now hungry) Wolves above, we watched as Snake clambered back onto his horse once more and made his way left, through some Cacti and up to a small cliff ledge. Pulling out his binoculars we were then shown where E3’s starting point was (as presented to us on an in-game billboard/signpost, clearly marking the spot - oh Kojima, always the joker). The binoculars also allowed the player to mark each enemy which in turn showed the route of where they’d be travelling on Snake’s holographic map. Perching himself down into a squatting position moments later, Big Boss then lit up a Cig and began to puff away as the in-game timer began to accelerate.

Good job that’s an E-Cigarette, otherwise you’d end up in an early grave!
With this new feature added to the game, time now flies by at your command. This saves you the bother of having to wait until nightfall to infiltrate a base undetected and feels very similar to that of which the Elder Scrolls series had implemented long ago. How long you can leave the timer clocking over by is currently unknown and although it’s unlikely to go on long enough for a character to die of old age, I’ll bet Hideo has a few silly and/or helpful surprises in mind with regards to this.

With most enemies now marked and night very much upon us, we watched as the timer slowed to a stop for Snake to stealthily make his way into the base that he’d just been watching for the past five hours or so.

Making his way to the generator, Snake moved undetected between buildings until he spotted a Soldier. This Soldier could have meant detection for our protagonist, but instead we were shown how the game reacts to certain play styles and what the enemy AI does to keep things challenging.

Sneaking around the corner, Snake shot the Soldier straight in the head and although this would normally be a fatal kill, the Soldier remained standing. This was because the game had adapted to the players method of playing and where the Soldiers weren’t equipped with helmets before, on this attempt the enemy AI had equipped themselves with clothing better suited for the protection against firearms.

Noticing the silenced shot, the Soldier quickly made his way towards Snakes location and so Snake, slithering out of there, headed over to the right hand side of the map where two guards awaited him around the corner and in a vastly open area. Out of view however, another Soldier noticed Snake. At this point we were shown the focus on cardboard boxes in a lot more detail than before.

As the Guard/Soldier approached, Snake spawned a box on top of himself and after waiting for the enemy to get within melee range, the box then extended vertically before the camera panned around to show the Guard getting excited about the fact a cut-out woman was on this box. Seconds later, Snake beat the Guard down with a brutally quick combo of CQC moves. Hilariously, there were multiple types of boxes where some had women on, others had pictures of guards on (deceiving enemies from afar) and another, exclusive to PC Gamers only was a Steam box, announcing that yes, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is now coming to Steam on PC. What this Steam box could do wasn’t shown, but I’m half expecting it to be a Steam powered, quick method of transport with small wheels possibly being housed underneath.

There was also an ability where if the enemy noticed your box, you could eject yourself out from the side of it without your enemy noticing (unless of course you do this in plain sight, but then why would you?). Regardless, I’m interested to see and find out for myself what other options are possible with the many types of cardboard boxes on offer. Afterall, it wouldn’t be Metal Gear without cardboard boxes added tot he gameplay in some way! Still, there needs to be love for the barrel also…

It’s official - Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain will release on Steam.
As the demonstration continued, Snake successfully took out the Generating powering the lights around the base (taking out several guards along the way), which unfortunately attracted the attention of an enemy Attack Helicopter. Like any other enemy in the game, the pilot still has to track you down before it can find you, so there is no automatic “I know where you are function” as seen in older PS2 and PS3 games outside of the Metal Gear Universe. As such, we were then able to pay more attention to Snake’s movements as he evaded and neutralised enemies, seamlessly climbed over rubble and buildings and dove under small bridges/walkways to avoid being spotted by the persistent threat above.

After his main objective had been completed, Snake then called in his aerial ride to a designated extraction point, alerted the Chopper, placed his aerial balloon on the side of a nearby Jeep and ran off as the 4x4 then took to the sky, where it flew straight up and into the Chopper above, causing a huge explosion for the whole entire base to hear. Needless to say, Snake called his trusty steed to his side once more and then high tailed it out of there, taking a few shots on the way, but ultimately escaping relatively unscathed.

This was the end of our demonstration and apart from watching a web based Q&A session, the show was over. Though, it had to end with a bang and for those who didn’t get to play the recently obscure game titled “P.T.”, it was officially confirmed here to be a virtual love child of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro with the revealing of it being a brand new, next generation Silent Hill title.

Hideo Kojima said the image used here for P.T. was actually a
work colleague’s back garden.
It was a nice end to the show and on the Friday when we had our Phantom Pain session booked in with Konami, we were once again shown the Phantom Pain demonstration above, only this time with the addition of a multi-player game type where the point of the game was to take over your opponents base.

Each player has their own (Mother) Base and in order to recruit more men and gain access to better technology, it would seem that the best way to go about this is by infiltrating your opponents base of operations, stealing intel from them and preventing them from stealing intel (and any other sorts of information) from you, halting their progress against yours and anyone elses base by seemingly abducting their Soldiers and sabotaging their goods.

Of note, this feature showed that you can in fact hold up guards once more and on top of that, use your aerial balloon function to climb higher, out of reach places, evident from the fact Snake climbed on top of a container that he’d just placed a balloon onto and then stood on it as it elevated up into the sky, before jumping off on a nearby roof once more.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for The Phantom Pain and after being impressed with what I’ve seen so far and knowing that at its roots this is still the same Metal Gear series we all know and love, I’m looking forward to experiencing this for myself and seeing what the future of the Metal Gear Solid series may hold for us all.

What do you think of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Is it a must buy? Let us know in the comments section below or hit me up on twitter @CaptainCortez

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10 Games That Will Make 2015 One Of The Most Exciting Years For Gaming
10 Games That Will Make 2015 One Of The Most Exciting Years For Gaming - weknowgamers

This year’s E3 has come and gone and if there is one thing that all gamers can agree on, it’s that the future of the games industry is bright and full of gaming goodness. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all focused strongly on games at E3, revealing a load of new sequels, re-releases and a fair amount of new IP’s.

While a good amount of games for the rest of this year were shown, including Far Cry 4, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Super Smash Bros Wii U, a large majority of the titles revealed won’t see the light of day until 2015. While that disappointed some, others are choosing to look at the year as a whole and the exciting times that await.

This list will take a look at 10 of the biggest games that are currently scheduled to release in 2015 and why these 10 in particular could make 2015 the hottest year for gaming in quite some time.

10. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9’s release back in 2011 helped breathe new life into an MK franchise that hadn’t seen a quality game for roughly a decade. By rebooting the series, shifting back to a 2D fighting plane and introducing x-ray attacks, Mortal Kombat had finally regained what the fans truly missed.

Having been unveiled with a trailer just days before E3, Mortal Kombat X has already got fans excited as to what brutal and bloody ideas NetherRealm Studios has up its sleeve. While the series staples Sub Zero and Scorpion have already been confirmed, no other returning characters have been announced just yet, though four new characters were revealed at E3: Kotal Kahn, Ferra/Torr, D’Vorah and Cassie Cage (daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade).

Mortal Kombat 9’s story mode surprised near enough everyone that played it, with a solidly written, entertaining plot that retold the events of the first three Mortal Kombat games. If X’s plot (which is said to feature a new, original storyline) can match the quality of its predecessor, then MK fans will be in for a real treat. MK series creator Ed Boon also noted that the game’s antagonist will be a “surprise returning character”, which has led to speculation among fans with many suggesting that the antagonist is Shinnok, the fallen elder god from Mortal Kombat 4.

9. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division was first revealed at the end of Ubisoft’s E3 conference in 2013. While it was originally due for release this year, it was announced back in May that the game would be delayed until 2015 (which hardly shocked anyone).

The Division takes place at a time where the United States has collapsed as a result of a disease that spread on Black Friday (and didn’t result in any zombies…hooray!). Players work as part of ‘The Division’ and are directed by the President to deal with any threats brought about by the epidemic and in doing so, doing whatever it takes to “save what remains”.

When a game is not only billed as being a massive multiplayer online third person shooter, but also an action role playing game, there is no doubt that the developer really has their work cut out for them, yet everything we have seen so far of The Division makes it seem like Ubisoft are on the right track to delivering a unique online experience, unlike anything we have seen before.

While it wouldn’t be surprising if the game was delayed until 2016, right now it looks like Ubisoft will be aiming to have the game released towards the end of 2015, which alongside Rainbow Six: Siege and another Assassin’s Creed could make 2015 a great year for Ubisoft.

8. Halo 5: Guardians

While there isn’t much information regarding Guardians at this current time, when a new Halo is announced, anticipation and expectations are always going to be ridiculously high and rightly so.

Running on a new, more powerful engine, Guardians will be continuing the Reclaimer Saga that began in Halo 4, however 343 Industries has kept quiet regarding the direction the plot will be taking. A lot of fan intrigue so far has been directed towards the new “Mirror Chief” character, with theories that the character is a woman and possibly even Cortana in some form. Bonnie Ross (343 Studios boss) dismissed those theories, confirming that the new Spartan is called Agent Locke and will have his origin story told in the Ridley Scott produced digital series, Halo Nightfall (which is set to be a part of the Master Chief Collection).

Admittedly a female Spartan having a big role in Guardians, whether it alongside or opposite Master Chief had me really intrigued not just for how she would interact with Master Chief, but also as to how gamers would react to it. So while the absence of a major female role in Guardians is disappointing (especially after the loss of Cortana in Halo 4), I’m sure 343 Studios will work to make Agent Locke an interesting character that players want to learn more about.

With Guardians likely to release in November 2015 (3 years after Halo 4), the wait for fans is going to feel like forever. Thankfully Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be arriving this November to fulfil everyone’s Halo desires.

7. Bloodborne

Gamers have been anticipating the first next generation title from Demon’s/Dark Souls developer From Software ever since rumours and images of ‘Project Beast’ leaked. The sight of a character wielding a shotgun in a dark, mysterious area with horrendous beasts surely lurking around every corner had fans drooling over what From Software had in store for us.

We finally found out at E3, as Bloodborne was revealed with a trailer showing off the game’s protagonist brutally killing everything in his path, as he made his way through the dark and gruesome Victorian London inspired setting. From the gameplay trailer that followed, one aspect that really stood out was the somewhat faster paced combat, which Souls fans may not be completely behind, but stands as a good idea in appealing to those that found the combat in the Souls games a little too slow.

Visually, the horror/dark fantasy aesthetic manages to both stand out and look stunning whereas the addition of using a firearm looks and sounds good on paper, though it may not gel with the punishing combat style that From Software are known for.

As for Bloodborne’s plot, the story will follow the player’s traveller who is searching the city of Yharnam for a cure to his illness. Unfortunately standing in his way are not only the horrific monsters you would expect, but also the deranged inhabitants of Yharnam that are suffering from a curse. Like Souls, the plot is pretty minimalistic as it mainly sets the stage for what fans are expecting and that’s ridiculously tough, yet rewarding gameplay.

Bloodborne is set to be the first Sony exclusive game from From Software since Demon’s Souls, and there is no doubt that it’s an incredible exclusive for Sony to have bagged.

6. Star Wars Battlefront

Gamers have been excited for the latest Battlefront ever since the AT-AT foot came crushing down at the conclusion of the short reveal trailer at E3 last year. The game’s reveal was made even better by the confirmation that it would be running on the Frostbite 3 engine just like Battlefield 4. Let’s face it, the idea of Battlefront using the same engine as Battlefield is a mouth-watering prospect and it will no doubt result in epic, large scale battles on some of our favourite Star Wars planets.

Nothing more had really been heard regarding Battlefront until this year’s E3, where we were treated to a look at the development of the game. While the majority of the video shown focused on the team behind the game, we luckily saw a few seconds of early in-engine footage showing a soldier on a speeder bike racing through the forest on Endor. While short, those few seconds of footage have caused a real surge in excitement for gamers, which along with the confirmation of Hoth and Endor being playable maps in the game, has led to speculation as to what else will be included. Will we be returning to familiar planets like Tatooine, Bespin and Coruscant? What about planets and moons that were only mentioned in the films such as Nar Shaddaa and Taanab?

There’s so many possibilities for DICE and while many have been critical of EA (especially after Battlefield 4’s online issues) you can’t help, but be hopeful that they really knock it out of the park with Battlefront.

It’s fully expected that the game’s release will coincide with the release of Episode VII, so it’s safe to say 2015 will be a massive year for the Star Wars franchise and its fans.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The end of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker hinted at it, but it’s The Phantom Pain where we are set to see something that we have wanted to see for a very long time, and that’s how Snake went from being a hero and saviour to a terrorist with a vendetta against the patriots. The development of Snake turning into Big Boss is one of the most unique character developments in gaming, complex in the way it splits fans over the actions of Snake/Big Boss in a similar manner to that of Walter White/Heisenberg.

The latest MGSV trailer hinted at the change, as it showed Snake returning after 9 years in a coma, looking for revenge against those that destroyed Militaires Sans Frontieres (at the end of Ground Zeroes). The disturbing trailer that included Snake rubbing the ashes of his fallen comrades onto his face, as well as a bloody depiction of Snake as the devil (with his face covered in blood and shrapnel “horn” sticking out of his head) point towards The Phantom Pain being the dark, emotional rollercoaster we were hoping it would be.

A recent 30 minute demo from E3 gave us our best look yet at TPP’s gameplay so far, showing Snake infiltrating a village in Afghanistan. Everything shown looks excellent, from the returning fulton system (from Peace Walker) that allows you to send soldiers, vehicles and even SHEEP back to Mother Base, to the active weather system that showed off a sandstorm an an upgraded cardboard box that you can now pop out the top of to shoot enemies or even use as a distraction by leaping out the side of it and into cover.

It’s also been noted that TPP will be 200 times larger than Ground Zeroes was, which is incredibly exciting for those that enjoyed GZ (and hell even those that found it far too short). It would be interesting to know how large The Phantom Pain is in comparison to Red Dead Redemption, which many gamers were reminded of after the recent demo.

Everything we have seen so far of The Phantom Pain looks utterly fantasti, and it’s quite a pleasant surprise that MGS is managing to transition to being open world so well. As of now, many are expecting TPP to be released towards the end of 2015, though Hideo Kojima has said not to expect the game anytime soon. Whenever the game does get released, I fully expect it to deliver a new unique kind of Metal Gear Solid experience; different from what we are used to, but still as special as previous MGS’s.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

When RPG fans hear that a game is going to be 20% bigger then Skyrim, it’s very likely that those gamers are going to keep a close eye on that title. The fact that the game in question will be the final time we get to play as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, makes the title a must-buy for RPG and Witcher fans alike.

Continuing on from the excellent Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, Wild Hunt follows Geralt as he must help to prevent the Wild Hunt army from wreaking havoc across the northern kingdoms. The Witcher series has constantly managed to provide a quality and mature narrative and just like the previous two entries, Wild Hunt will likely have a diplomatic twist to its plot, perhaps with rival kingdoms struggling to come to an agreement on how to deal with the Wild Hunt.

All of the previews for Wild Hunt so far have received nothing but praise, whether it be for the immensely detailed world that CD Projekt RED have created or the game’s stronger focus on monster hunting then it’s predecessors.

To go alongside the massive world in The Witcher 3, it’s being estimated that completing the main quest and all of the side quests will take 100 hours, so it’s fairly safe to say that CD Projekt RED are going all out to make The Witcher finale as epic as possible.

Stated by those who’ve seen it in action as being the first true next-gen experience. Come February 2015, we will all have our chance to see just how true that statement is.

3. Batman: Arkham Knight

When Batman: Arkham Asylum was first announced back in 2008, who could have predicted the utter quality that Rocksteady was about to unleash on us. Tremendous voice acting, two well-crafted narratives and an unbelievably smooth free flowing combat system that’s been copied and altered in a fair few other games ever since. Rocksteady managed to create the game we always wanted, we wanted to be Batman. We wanted to skulk in the shadows, watch enemies from above, utilise all of Batman’s gadgets and go head to head with the greatest villains from the Batman universe.

We wanted it. We got it and in 2015, we’ll get to do it for one final time…

Set one year after Arkham City, many of Batman’s most notable enemies (including Two-Face, The Penguin and Harley Quinn) have formed an alliance to kill the dark knight once and for all. Scarecrow takes centre stage this time around, threatening to release his fear toxins throughout Gotham City.

Unsurprisingly, fans have already been coming up with theories as to how the Joker could make an appearance, though in all honesty, the end of Arkham City really was the most perfect way for Joker to go out. The image of Batman carrying Joker’s dead body is one that gamers are going to remember for a very long time and I fear that a reappearance in Arkham Knight would end up hurting that great moment. Plus the idea of Scarecrow (whose character design in Arkham Knight looks incredible) as the big bad is genuinely exciting, especially after his oh-so-memorable appearances in Arkham Asylum.

One of the most intriguing points surrounding the game is that of the Arkham Knight character. As a new original character that Rocksteady has created in collaboration with DC, gamers have been speculating as to who the Arkham Knight could be. Predictions have included the likes of Hush, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd and of course…The Joker. Whoever it does turn out to be, my only real hope is that Rocksteady give a clear and believable motive for why that particular character became the Arkham Knight.

While it’s unknown what Rocksteady will be moving onto after Batman: Arkham Knight, it’s safe to say they are in the good graces of every gamer that’s played Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, as well as those that will play Arkham Knight.

2. The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Going into E3, we knew…we just knew Nintendo were going to reveal a new Zelda. We’d been dying to hear about an official Zelda for the Wii U from the moment we saw the Zelda tech demo when the Wii U was first revealed at E3 2011. When the trailer was shown at this year’s E3…we realised that the wait was indeed worth it.

Showing off beautiful cel shaded visuals (that look a mixture between Wind Waker and Skyward Sword), we saw who we assume was Link (though some believe it may be a different character) being chased by a large creature, who Link eventually attacks with his bow and arrow. While short, the trailer managed to excite Zelda fans across the globe, and it was made even better by the news that this Legend of Zelda will have a full connected open world, similar to that of the original.

Unfortunately there isn’t much else known about the game at moment, though producer Eiji Aonuma mentioned that they are looking to “rethink the conventions of Zelda”, changing the manner in which dungeons and puzzles play out. The idea of change within the Legend of Zelda franchise always sounds great, because the alterations that Nintendo make generally turn out for the best (just look at last year’s A Link Between Worlds for example).

As of now, the game is set to be released in 2015 though with not much known about the game, there are fears that it could be pushed back until 2016. One thing is for sure, the Wii U needs a heavy hitter like a new Legend of Zelda to help build interest in the console and I’m sure once this is released, it will do exactly that.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As Sony’s leading franchise, it was only a matter of time before a new Uncharted was revealed to the world. That reveal came at E3, with a trailer showing a somewhat older looking Nathan Drake awakening on a mysterious island complete with pirate skeletons in cages.

As excellent as it looked, it was the voiceover conversation between Drake and Sully that really stood out. Drake asking if he can count on Sully one last time has led to many fans guessing that A Thief’s End could be the final Uncharted game (with the title of the game certainly adding to that notion). That could certainly be the case, though Drake’s words to Sully could also be taken as a sign that A Thief’s End is going to be the last Uncharted for just one of the two characters.

With Uncharted being such a massive franchise, it’s hard to imagine Naughty Dog finishing up with it, however The Last of Us was proof that Naughty Dog has what is takes to make a new IP as good, if not better then Uncharted.

The recent departures of Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond from Naughty Dog left many wondering what was to be of the next Uncharted, however the game is now in the very capable hands of Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, who worked as game directors on The Last of Us.

Whether this turns out to be the final Uncharted or not, there should be no doubts that Naughty Dog will deliver another epic adventure for Sony fans. And like its predecessors, expect to see Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End towards the end of the year.

What do you guys think of the games that are due for release next year? Are there other quality looking games that you feel should have been included in this list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet me @KingKicks

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Pre-Order And Limited Edition Details Revealed For Project Cars
Pre-Order And Limited Edition Details Revealed For Project Cars - weknowgamers

Bandai Namco recently released details regarding the pre-order incentives and Limited Edition for upcoming title, Project Cars! The game is scheduled to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation4 and PC in November 2014, with the Wii U coming later 2015.

The Limited Edition of the game will be presented in a special steel case featuring an exclusive visual, along with a behind-the-scenes book entitled “Project CARS: By Racers 4 Racers”. With this exclusive item, get backstage at Slightly Mad Studios and discover in details how the community was involved in the game development to create an entirely crowd-funded game. The Limited Edition will also come with five legendary cars drivable in any game mode and with a special one-make series career invitations to showcase them in!

The cars included in this special offer are:
- Ford GT40 Mk IV: winner of 1967 Le Mans 24H
- BMW M1 Pro Car: driven by legendary pilots such as Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet
- McLaren F1: the legendary supercar from the historic manufacturer
- Sauber C9: the late 80s dominant prototype
- Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM: one of the most competitive DTM cars today

By pre-ordering the game, all three customised vehicles will be freely available to play in all game modes.

See new screenshots below!

Preview: A Fleshed Out RPG in Tales Of Xilla 2
Preview: A Fleshed Out RPG in Tales Of Xilla 2 - weknowgamers

Tales of Xillia is back with a sequel for the PlayStation 3. I really enjoyed the original and was glad to see that they decided to localise Tales Of Xillia 2 for this side of the world. Most of what we have come to expect has been kept intact with a few extra additions that’s sure to expand an already content packed RPG. So does Tales Of Xillia 2 meet up to expectations?

Ludger Will Kresnik looking all badass.
Tales Of Xilla 2 takes place one year after the events of Tales of Xillia. Under orders from her father to find the mystical Land of Canaan, Elle Mel Marta boards a train which is hijacked before its departure. One of the new protagonists, Ludger Will Kresnik follows her onboard to save her, but the train crashes and the resulting medical treatment from Spirius Corporation puts our hero in debt. Aware of the Kresnik family’s ability to destroy fractured dimensions, Spirius hires Ludger for this purpose since the spirit Origin can no longer sustain the abundance of souls in the worlds. At the same time, Ludger searches for his brother, Julius Will Kresnik, who has been framed as the culprit behind the train hijacking. Meanwhile, Jude, Milla and all the heroes from the previous game move on with their own lives, eventually crossing paths with Ludger and assisting with his quest.

Everything you know and love about Tales of Xillia has been kept present in the sequel with a few minor changes that help flesh out the gameplay and give the player more choice when it comes to letting them choose their own path. One of the big changes is the QTE or Quick Time Events that appear when you are faced with a crossroad in the narrative, depending on what you pick it can seriously affect what happens later on in the world. I felt this was a good change seeing as the original gave you the chance to play through as either Jude or Millia, however things were kept linear and you weren’t given much of a choice either.

What will you choose?
After the events of the train crash and now finding yourself in debt, you can take up jobs to help pay it off via contracts. These contracts range from collecting materials to defeating specific monsters and are pretty much essential during the early stages. What’s great about the monster contracts is that they still count towards your XP and levelling up characters, so why not grind and earn some Gald at the same time? Another small change I found where that hidden items in the environment were a lot more noticeable now compared to before as when you get close to an object it shines with multiple colours. It may help finding secrets a little easier, but I’d like to believe that in no way does it make the game itself easier.

Lastly, the Lillium Orbs from the previous title have been replaced with something called Aluminium Orbs. These Orbs work in the same way as its counterpart; however it gives a lot more of a variety in terms of what direction you want to take a specific character. While I found this great, those new to the series may have a hard time picking it up as it’s become a lot more complex before even if it is for the better. Having such a complex tree should definitely invoke multiple playthroughs for the hardcore among us.

The tax man/ woman is here to collect!
During my short time with the game I noticed that it seems to have taken a slightly darker turn and looks to explore its themes with a more adult tone. I agree with the change as these themes were present in the previous; however I felt that they were played off as nothing much compared to what the narrative was making it out to be. With the ability to branch out the storyline and now with a much more complex skill tree, I’m sure they will be more than enough to keep us busy. All that’s left is to grab the game and give it a real run.

Look out for our review coming real soon, Tales of Xillia 2 is available today for those in Europe exclusively on the PlayStation 3! If you’ve had a chance to give the game a go yet, let us know what you thought in the comments or tweet me @WKG_Liban

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Dead Island 2 - Gameplay Trailer
Dead Island 2 - Gameplay Trailer - weknowgamers

Deep Silver recently revealed the first gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2, the next instalment in the Dead Island franchise. The video shows Pre-Alpha in-game footage and gives a first impression on how beautiful sunshine and bloody melee violence meet once again – this time in the sunny realms of California.

Dead Island 2 is scheduled for release in Spring 2015 from development studio YAGER and will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Windows PC.

See the trailer below!
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution - Gaara (Shukaku) & Network Clone Teams
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution - Gaara (Shukaku) & Network Clone Teams - weknowgamers

After revealing the release date for its Steam version (16th September 2014), Bandai Namco recently revealed new content for its upcoming title Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution!

Naruto’s old enemy Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage, brings his unique mastery of the Sand to the battlefield. As one of the 9 Tailed-Beasts Jinchûriki, Gaara can summon the One-Tailed Beast Shukaku and use his mighty power along with his limitless Chakra wells. New additions to the game include being able to accessorize your characters in the online mode to stand out from the crowd. Players will also be able to have their online characters fight for them in Network Clone Teams to have them train and gather items while players are away from the game.

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2K Showcase Details And New Screenshots For WWE 2K15
2K Showcase Details And New Screenshots For WWE 2K15 - weknowgamers

2K recently announced details of the 2K Showcase, the story-driven single-player campaign in WWE 2K15! Through high quality cinematics and historic WWE footage, players will intimately explore two notable WWE rivalries: the bitter rivalry between Triple H and Shawn Michaels from 2002 to 2004, as well as WWE 2K15 cover Superstar John Cena and CM Punk’s spirited rivalry spanning 2011 to 2013.

2K Showcase will tell the epic history of the two rivalries through documentary-style video packages of classic WWE footage, authentic WWE Superstar commentary and cinematic cut scenes. In the 33 available matches across the rivalries, players will be tasked with completing a set of bonus historical objectives that will unlock new WWE Superstars, Championship titles and alternate attire that can be used in all other WWE 2K15 game modes. With this wealth of unlockable content, players can recreate current rivalries or stage dream matchups between WWE Superstars of the past and present. Additional 2K Showcase rivalries will be made available via downloadable content following the game’s scheduled release on October 28, 2014 in North America and October 31, 2014 internationally.

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Preview: A True Re-Imagining in Alien Isolation
As the demo began, I found myself in a side corridor that felt more like an open planned room than a corridor. I noticed around me were pieces of scrap metal and other such collectibles that had no use during the demo, but will serve as your crafting materials upon the title’s release later this year.

In this same room was a Flame-thrower and like any sane person in a hopeless situation, I picked the weapon up, hoping that it’d further aid my survival. It looked good from the first person perspective and at this point, memories of Ellen Ripley blasting the Alien nest towards the climax of Aliens immediately came flooding back to me. Would this weapon be great against the Alien threat? Could this weapon be the key to my survival or would it serve as a hindrance and attract the Alien towards my location? These were questions I asked myself and questions that were never answered. Why? I didn’t use it.

On your own with only the slight illumination of a barely lit corridor space
to guide you through the darkness ahead.
As I made my way around the corner while familiarising myself with the controls, I slowly made my way towards a T-junction, crouching behind several stacked boxes peeking over and around the obstruction, and at the same time, checking my tracker for movement. Everything was clear and so I readied myself to move further into the corridor, only to discover my tracker had stopped working (the button to bring my tracker up did nothing, but let’s not forget the game still has some time before it’s due out, so technical glitches are sure to show themselves).

Frustratingly, just as this happened, the Alien immediately showed itself, dropping down right in front of me with a solid, heavy sounding thud. I panicked and moved away from it as quickly as I could and hid behind the crates once more and ended up accidentally flashing my torch right at the thing. I then tried to pull out my Flame-thrower and accidentally pulled out a Flare instead (hooray, I’m here by the way. Just look at me. I’ve lit myself up and everything!), holding it in my hand as I fled the area. I thought for sure it had seen me, especially when I threw the flare into the corner I crouched and hid in, but no, it must have had its back to me.

Now in the clear, but without a working tracker, the game began to increase the suspense dramatically, as it forced me to take an approach with even greater caution.

Keeping out of sight is one of the only ways you’ll  have
any chance of surviving.
As I made my way through the side rooms, I kept peeking around to see if the Alien was about. With no tracker all I could go on were the sounds above, below and around me and believe me when I say they weren’t pleasant. The pipes would rattle as if something were scurrying through them, lights would flicker and all kinds of ominous audio effects could be heard as I made my way through each room I came across, constantly fearing being grabbed, eaten or dragged from behind.

I looked one way and the Alien wasn’t there, I looked another and it wasn’t there either and so I peered around the doorway of the room I had just entered and nothing was there either. Still, it seemed quiet….too quiet.

I then turned around and crouched under a desk (you can now interact with the environment so to speak, allowing you to climb under anything that looks like a good hiding spot just by moving towards it. If you want to go under something, just move towards it and you’ll automatically duck under and into the crawling space) and just as I did, I heard a loud and heavy thump to my right. As I turned, all I could see was a very long tail sliding across the floor back around to my left and as I watched from under this desk table, the Alien made its way around the corner and past me, back out the door I had just been peeking through moments ago.

The coast was finally clear and so I once again made my way out from under the desk and around the room to my right, crouching the whole time as I looked for some ID cards and a Keycard that my objectives said I needed to collect. Eventually I came to a stairwell and with no Alien in sight; I ascended up to the top floor and found myself some more collectible crafting components.

Great lighting effects!
Beside me was a small cupboard that I was able to hide in. As such, I climbed in and low and behold, the Alien appeared, except it seemed to think I was in this cupboard, lowering itself towards the ground in a crouching position as it peered through the slits and looked directly at me. I thought for sure it had seen me, but I was swiftly given a button prompt to hold my breath and as I did so, I was able to pull my head further back into the cupboard. The Alien then went away but I had a funny feeling something wasn’t right and so I remained inside the cupboard and luckily for me it was a good job too, because the alien turned around and came back to check on me one last time before I left this tiny, cramped cupboard.

As the Alien left, I jumped out and had a quick look around before I decided I was good to go. I then made my way back downstairs and into the main area of halls once more. There was no sign of the creature again and so I carried on with my hunt for quest items, but no matter how hard I looked I could not find what I needed and so I threw that idea aside and just focused on surviving for as long as possible as I continued to play a game of wits with one of Sci-fi’s deadliest hunters

Finding myself back at the starting area I turned around and made my way to the right this time, but was soon forced into a side room as some gas pipes caught fire ahead of me. Little did I know, the Alien was once again searching for me and this time just as I ran, I came to an abrupt stop. “Why can I not run?” I thought to myself and that was when the camera panned down towards my stomach as the Aliens tail had punctured its way through me. I lasted a whole seven and a half minutes with no tracker, but the creature finally caught its prey.

Meet Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter and the main
protagonist of Alien Isolation.
My next attempt proved nothing more than a way to slightly prolong the inevitable. By once again moving around the corner of the starting area, I turned right this time and ran for it. All I could see was the darkness ahead, but waiting for me was the Alien once more (it seemed to have a pretty good idea of where I was at all times). The dark figure started to head towards me and so I spun right around and legged it back towards the way I came, crouching behind some hollow concrete tubes, stacked to one side.

There was enough space to move around this from two directions and as I crouched behind it, I could see the Alien still moving towards me. In fact, it was the other side of these concrete tubes and I could clearly see it through the hollowed out holes before my face.

As it made its way around, I too made my way around and away from it, still crouching. It knew I was there and for around 30 seconds I kept strafing around this small block of concrete tubes as it followed me, until it eventually got fed up with the game I was playing, gave up and decided to walk off. I found this to be pretty interesting as it didn’t ever occur to me that boring an Alien was possible.

As the demo ended, I spoke to my friend and colleague beside me who did in fact use the Flame-thrower, stating it was very ineffective and just aggravated the creature as it ran right through the fire and grabbed him.

Everything is as low-tech as it should be!
My final thoughts are that Alien Isolation did an incredible job at recreating the tension, atmosphere and feelings you first experienced watching Alien/Aliens all those years ago, and with set pieces looking as though they’ve been pulled straight from the film as well as a very limited GUI, you truly found yourself immersed in the title.

If I were to choose one thing that concerns me about Alien Isolation, it would be the fear factor. My reason for this is that if you keep on dying over and over again, the fear factor may eventually lose its appeal (mostly due to the rate you’ll end up seeing the Alien), but having said that, I’m interested to see what Creative Assembly do to combat this.

I’d also like to point out that I didn’t get a true feel for the game until I played it myself, so don’t let the trailers or the inclusion of weapons put you off. The game is dark, tense and a far truer take on the series than anything that came before it. It’s challenging, immerses you in your surroundings and is completely unforgiving when you make bad decisions.

As such, I highly recommend pre-ordering Alien Isolation and for the best experience possible, buy yourselves the very best surround sound you can afford and then lock yourselves in a very dark and secluded room, as this is one title worth looking forward to and experiencing!

That’s all for now, if you’ve had the chance to play Alien Isolation, let me hear you either in the comments below or on twitter @CaptainCortez

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Hyrule Warriors Direct
Nintendo have just released their latest Direct, this time it’s themed around Hyrule Warriors, the WiiU is finally getting a brand new Zelda game and this latest outing is coming from Koei Tecmo, most famous for it’s Dynasty Warriors franchise.

The Direct opens up with the basics of the game, if you’ve played Dynasty Warriors before, you’ll be familiar with the structure of the game, if not, basically you are a one man or woman wrecking machine. Once you choose your character and take up your weapon of choice, you cut, smash and blast your way through hordes of low level enemies across large battlefields based on different Zelda games. Scattered around these battlefield are keeps, large castle like buildings filled with more powerful enemies and mini bosses, liberating these keeps will give you further advantages on the battlefield, as well as provide you with more weapons, such as bombs and arrows which are used to unlock further areas in the game or to give you a tactical advantage against boss enemies.
Seven years of no heroes will do that to a city
There’s plenty of stages that are shown off in the Direct, Skyloft from Skyward Sword, Lake Hylia from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Field from Twilight Princess are just a few that are mentioned, but there will be even more areas from those 3 games and others from the series.

Traditionally, Link is the only playable character in the main series but Hyrule Warriors is set to change that with a fairly sizeable roster. Spanning across the entire Legend of Zelda series, many familiar faces will be popping back up. Obviously Link is there, starting out as a Hylian Guard, Link is equipped with a Hylian sword and shield, he wields them just the same as he would the Master Sword, which you’ll eventually get by progressing through the game. As well as Link you can play as Princess Zelda, her signature weapon is a rapier and the bow along with light arrows. Impa is up next, being a Sheikah Soldier, she carries a massive blade that delivers devastating blows. Impa looks like she’s going to be my go to character, I really like her design as it’s a massive step away from Impa’s original design as the carer of Zelda and is really busting out as a total badass. Sheik is also playable, a speedy fighter who uses martial arts as well as her signature harp to deal magical damage to enemies.
Hyrule’s Heroes
As well as the main four heroes listed above, a lot of love has been put into the other characters from beloved games in the series. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time, you’ll recognise the next few, Darunia, Chief of the Gorons from Death Mountain. Swinging a giant hammer to take out foes, as well as being a real powerhouse, if you get him in the right mood, he’ll bust out some sweet dance moves too! Next up is Princess Ruto of the Zora tribe, using water as her main weapon, Ruto can change the ground into liquid to dart around at high speeds as well as use her arm fins as bladed weapons.

From Twilight Princess comes Midna in her altered form, she rides a wolf around and using her hair as a weapon to either whip enemies or morph it into a large fist to deal out punishment. Agitha also appears, the self proclaimed Princess of Insects, she uses a parasol to dispatch justice and can also summon huge bugs to crush her foes. Finally, from Skyward Sword comes Fi, the mystical spirit that resides inside the Master Sword. Fi glides around almost like she’s dancing and can transform into the Goddess Blade to attack anything in her way.
As well as all the heroes, there’s also some villains to play as, Zant, Ghirahim and the might Ganondorf all show up. Zant uses the Scimitars as well as magic and summoning and can also change his size to drop onto his enemies. Ghirahim uses the Demon Blade to bring down his opponents as well as being able to transform into an even mightier version of himself.

It’s not all old characters though, Lana is a brand new to the series and as well as being playable, she’s also a key character to the main story. Holding a magical spell book, Lana uses sorcery to take down bad guys, she can create walls to push enemies back as well as crush them beneath the apparitions, or destroy them to cause huge explosive damage.

New Weapons
As well as all the weapons listed above, certain characters can get secondary weapons, for instance, Link can gain the Fire Rod, a magical stave that creates pillars of fire that can be launched at foes. Zelda can also hold the Baton from the Wind Waker to create huge plumes of wind to send enemies flying. Luna has a Spear with the spirit of the Deku Tree and Impa can swing the Naginata, a bladed bo staff. Using different weapons changes how your fighter handles so make sure to test out everything you get your hands on!
As well as just weapons, every character also has a Focus Spirit gauge, once filled, activating the power up will increase your abilities. There’s also some wackier items in the game such as Cucoos, the chickens that walk around in every game can be found here too, if you hit them too much, they’ll attack you en masse but this can be used against enemies as well. There’s also the hook shot, traditionally used to grab distant objects or drag enemies toward you, in Hyrule Warriors you can use it to pull the moon from Majora’s Mask out of the sky to crush enemies below, even Chain Chomp who only appeared in Link’s Awakening on the original Gameboy can be used! Rather than gobble up people like he usually does, you can now swing him around like a wrecking ball.

Character Progression
As you progress through the game, your chosen fighter will level up and with this comes increased stats and abilities, also as you defeat larger enemies and bosses, they’ll drop loot items, using these items you can craft badges and with these badges you can power up your character even further giving you longer combos, extend focus spirit or make potions have greater effects. Weapons will sometimes have special skills attached to them, you can also fuse certain weapons together if they have empty skill slots to share these skills on a different weapon should you want to enhance your current equipment.
DA NA NA NAA…wait, what?
Adventure Mode
Harkening back to the days of the original Zelda, Adventure Mode has you placed on a grid like map, inside each grid square you are given certain objectives to accomplish such as defeat a certain amount of enemies or beat the area in a time limit. Once you select the mission, you’re transported back to the Hyrule Warriors world to carry out your objective and upon completion you’re back on the grid where the surrounding areas are unlocked.

As well as completing missions, you can also search the map for hidden items and areas. Certain weapons and characters are only unlockable in Adventure Mode so you’ll need to search around everywhere for all the loot and collectables you can find.
What time is it?
There’s also a 2 player co-op mode available with one player using the GamePad and the other using the big screen. To keep the action going at it’s high speed pace, the resolution had to be lowered for the game to run smoothly. While not mentioned in the Direct itself, it’s previously been stated that unfortunately there’s no online mode on Hyrule Warriors.

You can watch the whole Direct right here:
Not long after the Direct had finished, Nintendo announced the Special Edition of the game available in Europe on the 19th of September. It comes with a Hylian Scarf as well as a copy of the game, unfortunately, unlike the Japanese exclusive, this doesn’t come in a treasure chest shaped box. Preordering the game can net you some exclusive character designs depending on where you get it from, and registering the game on Club Nintendo will get you the classic Demon King Ganondorf skin from Ocarina of Time.
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Preview: Ripping Up The Track in MX vs ATV: SuperCross
Preview: Ripping Up The Track in MX vs ATV: SuperCross - weknowgamers

What was once a lost series has now been revived by Nordic Games and is looking better than ever, in the upcoming MX vs ATV SuperCross. Adrenaline fuelled races that test your reactions, balance and skill round the track, but the question here is how does it play out?

Now I’ll be honest here, I am a first time player of the series myself however what I found surprising was how easy it was to pick up and get going. According to the developers the idea behind the actual racing was to add elements of realism, but at the same time keep the arcade feel which blesses games like this with that “fun factor” and it can definitely be felt.

I believe I can fly?
After a brief explanation of the controls because I’m a noob, I was set up into free ride mode which allowed me the chance to have a go around the track. Touching upon the realism aspect from before, one of the new features included separates the weight of the vehicle and rider; therefore it must be controlled separately. At first this may sound daunting, but after a couple of laps it was quite easy to pick up and you understand why this was done when you get into actual races.

Apart from your own actual skill, there are other factors which could affect whether you’re first or last place. To begin with, there are a variety of slopes on every track and depending on how you approach these can result in you advancing quicker, slowing down or completely losing control, something I experienced quite a few times myself. Secondly the marks and skids you leave on the ground do not disappear, showing a level of detail not really seen in games of its type.

Racers tearing up the track.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with MX vs ATV SuperCross and found myself getting further immersed into the game with each new race. The build I played had the AI at maximum; however it was good to hear that there will be varying levels of difficulty to suit the newbies and at the same time, the hardcore that have stayed with the series. I’m happy to hear that local multiplayer was included which should make for some interesting games.

MX vs ATV SuperCross will be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 August 7th with the PC version to follow a little later on. Are you happy to hear that the series is back? Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or tweet me - @WKG_Liban

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